Health Up

Healthy Up

The right balance of vitamins and minerals is vital to health, and koi are no different. Include Shinsuke’s Healthy Up to maximize the life and beauty of your koi. Healthy Up’s blend of vitamins, minerals, and “functional foods”, when added to your koi’s current diet, improves koi metabolism, circulation, immune system, and color.

$49.95 ea.


Benefits of Healthy Up:

  • Improves the circulation of blood flow in the koi
  • Helps keep your koi healthy
  • Improves your kois ability to take in minerals and efficiently excrete waste and endotoxins
  • Adjusts the function of the intestines (reducing harmful bacteria and increasing useful bacteria)
  • When used with Mineral Plus, can help to whiten a koi’s yellow head
Directions for use

Directions for use:

  • Feed koi food alongside Health Up.
  • Moisten koi food and dust with Health Up.
  • Mix water and honey, sprinkle this onto koi food, followed by Healthy Up. Mix this all together and then feed.

Note: single use – please use up once the seal is broken.

How it Works

Healthy Up works on the koi’s mucous cells, pigment cells, as well as the internal organs; this means the skin become clear and blight, resulting in a healthy complexion.

Healthy Up also improves the blood circulation; koi do not have big blood vessels, mainly small capillary vessels. As such, smooth blood circulation is very important for koi to help mucous and pigment cells function efficiently. The benefit of this is that cells can then efficiently excrete waste and endotoxins, resulting in a healthy metabolism and overall better conditioning.

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