Bio Sponge

Bio Sponge

The key to a healthy pond is beneficial bacteria. In order for these essential bacteria to thrive, you need exceptional filtration which is where Shinsuke’s Bio Sponge can help. By creating a final stage filter, or even replacing the last mats in an existing filter, with Shinsuke’s Bio Sponge, you’ll be increasing the quantity and retention of these bacteria thanks to Bio Sponge’s built-in BioFilm which allows bacteria to flourish.

$32.00 ea.

Use a ratio of 1 bag of Bio Sponge for every 265 gallons of water.

Benefits of Bio Sponge:

  • Specifically designed to house and retain bacteria
  • Provides an excellent place to develop BIO FILM
  • Gives bacteria the idea place to break down organic material and prevent sludge buildup
  • Keeps high quality water for koi, when combined with Filter Sand.